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1229 – 1294

Ludwig der Strenge

Duke Ludwig the severe (1253 - 1294)

Duke of Bavaria. Founder of the first royal family brewery in Munich.

1493 – 1550

Wilhelm IV

Duke of Bavaria (1508 - 1550)

Enacts the famous Bavarian Purity Law in 1516. The Bavarian Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) is the worlds eldest food law.

1573 – 1651

Kurfürst Maximilian I

Duke elector of Bavaria (1623 - 1651)

Creator of the family monopoly on “Weissbier” lasting 200 years. Central purchasing and quality management in more than 40 breweries.

1756 – 1825

Maximilian I Josef

King of Bavaria (1806 - 1825)

First of the great Bavarian Kings. Gives birth to the beer garden.

1786 – 1868

Ludwig I

King of Bavaria (1825 - 1848)

Marriage with Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The wedding ceremony becomes the starting shot for the Oktoberfest. Patron of art and architecture.

1845 – 1886

Ludwig II

King of Bavaria (1864 - 1886)

Founds the famed Brewing Science Faculty in Weihenstephan. Creator of Castle Neuschwanstein, Castle Linderhof and Castle Herrenchiemsee.

SINCE 1975

H.R.H. Prinz Luitpold von Bayern

HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern is member of the Wittelsbach Family, the royal Family of Bavaria. As President of König Ludwig International Prinz Luitpold continues a splendid family brewing tradition that lasts for more then 750 years. Being in the beer business for over three decades Prinz Luitpold has gained vast expertise in the creation of highly successful beer brands as well as in setting up brewing enterprises and processes including all technical issues.